Corporate, Social & Environmental Responsibility

 Taking Responibility for the Environment Every Step of the Way

 ASN Events takes active responsibility for the environment in    everthing we do. We don't just talk about it. We walk the talk.

 From our care and attention in designing and delivering  environmentally-sound events to our green workplace ethic we  ensure everything possible is done to leave the planet in the best  shape possible.

 And it extends to the charities we support.

 At ASN Events a lot of time, thought and consideration has gone  into the charities that we get behind.

 The organisations that we donate time and money to share similar  ideals, passions and environmental concerns.

 For this reason, we are key supporters of The Thin Green Line  Foundation, a charity that supports Park Rangers and their families  across the globe at the frontline of conservation.  

ASN Events provides financial support and expertise in event organisation so that the Thin Green Line Foundation can contine to fight the good fight. Our staff are also actively engaged in  assisting The Thin Green Line. A number of our staff have donated their time at TTGL functions and events.

Go to The Thin Green Line to see exactly what they do and to lend a helping hand - your support can deliver real benefits to those that need help the most.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our corporate, social and environmental standards so please feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we can get better.


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